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Deliver great e-learning experiences

All the LMS features you need to create any type of online learning.

Online Coaching Platform

Our goal from day 1 was to build the best online coaching platform for WordPress.

School Learning Management System

A school LMS made easy for busy stunts, teachers and school admins.

Corporate Training LMS

A corporate training platform without the Enterprise price tag.

eLearning Marketplace

The marketplace learning management system powering the next Udemy.

The easiest to use open source LMS

Powerful. Flexible. Extendable. Free.

If you thinks that open source software isn’t as powerful and user-friendly as commercial software consider this: WordPress powers over 43% of all websites. Why? because it's powerful, user-friendly AND free.

MasterStudy LMS is built on top of WordPress to deliver great online learning experiences. It’s fast, easy to use and we work hard to make it the best open source LMS.

Users Management

The Leading Online Course Builder

  • Course Creation
  • Lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Assignments

Create, develop, and scale your online courses with a simple drag-and-drop front-end course builder . Everything within hands reach, to make the course-creation process as easy as possible. A codeless and errorless experience.

Users Management

Control and manage every students’ activities, by assigning them to courses and reviewing their performance.

  • Float profile side menu for the users
    A dashboard interface gives a convenient interaction with site.
  • Add students to the course
    Add and manipulate with registered users into the courses.
  • Co-instructors for the courses
    Allow instructors to assign an additional teacher to the course.
  • Track the course progress
    Check the ongoing results of the selected students.
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Users Management

Monetize your courses

Your talent is worth the money. Manage how you receive payment using popular methods such as Paypal, Stripe, WooCommerce, or a simple bank transfer.

Multiple e-learning pricing models

Multiple e-learning pricing models

Get paid by utilizing one of the following models:

  • One-time purchase
  • Pricing plans
  • Memberships
  • Course bundles
WooCommerce LMS integration

WooCommerce LMS integration

Sell courses with WooCommerce as packaged products.

  • Unlimited payment gateways
  • Coupon discount codes and Promotions
  • Analytics reports
  • E-commerce extensions
Multiple LMS Payment processing

Multiple LMS Payment processing

Setup the payments, using popular methods that include:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Wire transfers
  • Offline direct payments

Free WordPress LMS Theme

See for yourself why MasterStudy is one of the most popular WordPress e-learning Themes.

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100+ LMS Features

Interactive live lessons

Create lessons with live content and videos by using well-known resources like YouTube and Vimeo . Zoom for more professional webinars/meetings. Google Classroom for real-time classes.

YoutTube Streams

Zoom Webinars

Google Classroom Live classes

LMS App for Android & iOS

Using our MasterStudy LMS mobile LMS, students can seamlessly participate in courses and lessons directly from their smartphones at any time.

IOS & Android app

Multilanguage and translation included

Since MasterStudy supports a multitude of languages, you can make any content available for people all over the world.


Online Certificate Builder

Create beautiful and unique certificates in minutes with our online certificate builder.

Certificate builder

SCORM Complaint LMS

Use our SCORM integration to make MasterStudy integrate with other learning system.

Certificate builder

Built for flexibility, whether you’re a startup, an established school or an e-learning marketplace

Teach anyone anything from anywhere with WordPress LMS Plugin and Theme. Your best bet to Create & Sell awesome e-learning courses – All in One place!

  • Online coaching platform
  • School LMS
  • Online Training
  • E-learning marketplace
Build & Manage Courses
A convenient and intuitive interface that allows you to easily create digital e-learning content.
No coding skills required
Various instructors can create a course as MasterStudy does not require any additional skills.
Upload unlimited file types
Hassle-free uploading, sorting, and managing of files. Search feature that allows finding widespread files in your course a breeze.

Integrations with MasterStudy

Elementor Page Builder

WP Bakery

Divi Builder


Paid Membership Pro




Google Classrooms


Contact Form 7


Your No code LMS

No coding skills required

MasterStudy LMS is fully compatible with the most popular page builders available. Create entire pages with a simple drag-and-drop system and be creative with our advanced tools.

Explore more


The world's most popular WordPress page builder works flawlessly with MasterStudy LMS.

Divi Builder

Design your courses with Divi, which gives you the exclusive LMS modules.

WP Bakery

WP Bakery's intuitive interface is perfect for those who want to run courses seamlessly.

6 Types of Video Lessons

Teach anyone anything from anywhere with WordPress LMS Plugin and Theme. Your best bet to Create & Sell awesome eLearning courses – All in One place!

YouTube YouTube
Vimeo Vimeo
External Link External Link
Embed Embed
Presto Player Presto Player
WordPress LMS Video Lesson image
MasterStudy LMS Video Types

Get started in minutes

You can launch your first course as soon as you sign up. We promise!


Set up the plugin

Install MasterStudy LMS and Activate the plugin in seconds.


Create a new course

Start your learning content in the front-end course builder.


Add course features

Include lessons, quizzes, and assignments effortlessly.


Deliver the course

Specify the price or make the course free. Release it to anyone and everywhere!

The Best LMS for WordPress

That’s what our customers are saying in their reviews.

Dan S

Founder, Nap Lab Mindfulness

I love the fact that you don’t have to add multiple plugins like some LMS for WordPress have you do. Plus it is super easy and intuitive how to create your class. PLUS there’s an import function for Udemy so you can be an affiliate and easily import the classes you want. TOTALLY worth it.

Dr. Tahir Hanif

I was so amazed at how fast I was putting together my programme. Thanks to the how this product was developed I just followed the steps and before I knew it my website was complete. I have not experience of working with IT and if I can do it then anyone can. Thanks for developing a superb product!

Dr. Don Wilson

Clinician, TELL DOCTR

MasterStudy LMS is an easy-to-use, really powerful, and complete LMS, that is valuable to my practice - and my clients like it too!

Alan Connelly

Great LMS template in comparison to other WordPress plugins. Easy to use, small learning curve, clean and elegant look. Thanks for such a great education plugin!

MasterStudy video tutorials

Check out our recorded video tutorials to find out more about Masterstudy LMS.

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MasterStudy LMS is the key to a successful online education

Online Courses

Online education has a persistently growing field within the education industry. Online courses have become a popular way for people to learn skills and acquire knowledge.

You can establish and develop your online education business. Using MasterStudy LMS is using an effective tool to build your e-learning content from scratch.

Plugins & Features

MasterStudy WordPress LMS Plugin is the comprehensive software for any educational website. This LMS WordPress plugin transforms all websites into a professional online platform that complements all industry-specific e-learning and education features.

Free Yet Efficient

This free yet versatile WordPress LMS plugin has all the essential Learning Management System features for creating & managing courses, quizzes, and other educational content. On top of that, it makes selling your courses effortless. This includes lessons that deliver online education services on the go.

With MasterStudy WordPress LMS Plugin you can create online interactive learning & tutoring services on your WordPress website.

These services will run smoothly and flawlessly as your students enjoy custom lessons that you display. Students can easily be monitored and distributed into groups with the course instructor having overall control. There is no delay and classrooms/courses can be set up right away.


Can MasterStudy be used as an LMS for blended learning?

Certainly. Instructors can incorporate MasterStudy’s LMS interactive features in their face-to-face sessions.

For example, live streaming, quizzes, extra course material, and assignments that can be uploaded to the platform.

What are the most important LMS features?

This very much depends on the type of learning experience you are offering, whether it’s online coaching, face-to-face classes, certification programs, etc…

At the core are course creation - your main product and the ‘building block’ of your elearning businesses.

Live classrooms via Zoom and other online meeting platforms have become must-have features as a result of the pandemic.

Also important is functionality that promotes effective collaboration and communication between students, instructors, and administration.

What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and is a widely used feature to ensure learning content and tools are standardized. Wikipedia defines SCORM clearly:

"Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based electronic educational technology (also called e-learning). It defines communications between client side content and a host system (called "the run-time environment"), which is commonly supported by a learning management system. SCORM also defines how content may be packaged into a transferable ZIP file called "Package Interchange Format."

Is MasterStudy a SCORM LMS?

Rather than a SCORM LMS, MasterStudy is a SCORM-compatible LMS.

We have developed a SCORM integration to achieve this. There is also a third-party plugin called Experience API for MasterStudy LMS by Grassblade that does a great job to ensure SCORM compatibility.

Is MasterStudy a free WordPress LMS?

Yes! You can download it directly from our pricing page .

We offer a pro version that includes a number of premium addons to take your elearning to the next level.

Where can I get a WordPress LMS theme for free?

There are many if you search around but we recommend our own free WordPress LMS theme , which is bundled with the free version of MasterStudy LMS. We have designed it to be clear, elegant and to present elearning related pages and elements in an intuitive way.

You can view a live demo and download it on our Starter Theme page .

Is MasterStudy an easy LMS to use?

Yes! We want our users - instructors, students, and administrators - to be able to complete their tasks as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Usability has always been a top priority for all of our WordPress plugins and themes . Feedback about ease-of-use has always been great too.

Do you have a LMS features checklist?

Is MasterStudy a free online coaching platform?

Sure, it can be used that way.

In fact, thousands of online coaches use the free version of MasterStudy LMS, which you can download on our pricing page , along with the free WordPress LMS starter theme .

Many of them "graduate" to the Pro version to add learning features they can use to grow their business further.

How to create an online learning platform?

There are over 600 online learning platforms so you are spoilt for choice.

There are a few, like MasterStudy LMS, that is built on top of WordPress and offer a complete set of elearning features.

A tip: when considering the type of elearning business you want to run, and the type of experiences you want to offer, think beyond LMS functionality. You need a payment solution, content for marketing, enquiry forms, search, integrations, etc… which are all easy to install in WordPress.

Is MasterStudy a white-label LMS?

Absolutely. You can brand it however you want.

Being powered by WordPress means that you can install different themes or create your own.

How do I choose the best LMS for corporate training?

Look out for the following features:

  • Ease of use by non-technical staff
  • Flexibility when creating courses and lessons
  • User management
  • A system that can be used in face-to-face training too, so options for blended learning
  • Quizzes and assessment features
  • Certifications

Also important is where the platform and data are hosted, which IT departments typically manage. They may have strict requirements relating to security and where data is physically located. Given MasterStudy is powered by WordPress, it can be hosted anywhere. Even internally in a corporate network.

How does an online course platform work?

That’s a very broad question! Let’s consider functionality at a high level:

  • How learning is structured. For example: courses > lessons > activities
  • Learning content and degree of interactivity, including gamification
  • Assessment and grading, including certification
  • User types, permissions, and management
  • Communication and collaboration

MasterStudy LMS offers all of the above packaged along with WordPress, making it very cost-effective, flexible, and supported by a large community.

Can MasterStudy be used as an onboarding LMS?

Yes. We’re seeing it used in corporate training as well as by SaaS and software companies offering training and certification for their products.

Can MasterStudy be used as a certification platform?

Yes, and this is a very popular feature of our platform.

Certification represents the value a student derives from the learning they have completed. The certificate itself, which they can share or print off, is something they are proud of.

MasterStudy’s Custom Certificate premium addon is packed with options to fully customize certificates, including unique codes that can be used to verify their authenticity.

How to create a certification program?

Technically, there is no difference between a certification program and any other course - students are awarded certificates when they complete a single or all course categories.

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