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6 Best WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

6+ Best WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

Are you interested in taking your business to the next level?  No one prefers to book appointments over the phone or in person anymore. People are more leaning into online-based booking arrangements.  If you have a service provider business that...
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Top 5 Cache Plugins 2022

Top 5 WordPress Cache Plugins 2023

You’ve heard of cache and how they speed up the websites right? Now you must be wondering about how to use one for your WordPress website. We’ve got you covered.  WordPress Cache plugins are used popularly because they can boost...
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11 Best Free WordPress LMS Plugins

We always want the best services for free. We always think twice before purchasing something. Unless a product is good a customer would most likely not pay for a product. This goes for both physical and digital products. Now, you...
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9 Best LMS Plugins for WordPress

We all know about Udemy, Coursera and different other popular online education platforms. Whether we need to learn a new programming language or learn how to do marketing we rely on online courses most of the time.  LMS or Learning...
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15 Best WordPress LMS themes in 2023

Learning Management Systems are becoming increasingly popular these days. Various WordPress themes are designed just for the purpose of creating an educational platform online. If you manage to make a user-friendly and a reliable educational website for your students, you’ll...
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Best Shopify Sticky Add to Cart Button Apps in 2023

For better sales, you need to give your customers a smooth shopping experience as a store owner. No matter what store it is, customer satisfaction is the first priority. You have to make sure beforehand that your customers get the...
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Electric Car Dealership New Demo – A Motors Theme Update

Electric Cars..Sounds intriguing, don’t they? Cars are one of the important necessities in life. Electric cars are unlike traditional vehicles that utilize a gasoline or diesel engine, utilize an electric motor fueled by energy from batteries or a fuel cell....
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7 Best Rated WordPress Price Calculator Plugins

The most basic need for a calculator is to evaluate something. Calculators are simply one of the most useful tools for our day to day life. To make our life easier, a variety of WordPress Calculator Plugins are available. We...

How to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance

Speed is everything. The web audience has an incredibly short attention span and Google uses your page loading speed as part of its SEO calculations. Two compelling reasons to do everything you can to ensure your WordPress website loads as...
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Top 10 Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes in 2023

“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.” – Bob Hooey Car dealers, like every business, need a strong web presence. The growth of online car sales, the increase in online research and comparison and the...