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9 Best LMS Plugins for WordPress

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15 Best WordPress LMS themes in 2023

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40 Best WordPress Education Theme in 2023

Best Calculator WordPress Plugin
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8 Best Calculator WordPress Plugins in 2023

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Life Coach WordPress Themes

5 Best Life Coach WordPress Themes

Are you a life coach? Do you want to reach more people and bring more clients to you? Naturally, you need to have a quality website to help with this, and if you are using WordPress, then you know that...
WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal – Which One is Better

As you start to peruse the options for building your website, you will find many possibilities that could work well for your needs. Of course, those who are new to building sites can find themselves overwhelmed as they start to...
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Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

7 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

You know your blog needs to have great content, but it also needs to have an aesthetically pleasing design. That’s why you need to choose the best WordPress themes for blogs that can provide you with both form and function....
WordPress Google Calendar

How to Add Google Calendar in WordPress

Are you considering adding a Google Calendar in WordPress? It is a very useful app that will allow you to easily manage your schedule, share events, and get organized. This short and to the point guide will help you get...
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WordPress Multilingual Plugin

The 3 Best Paid Multilingual (Translation) Plugins for WordPress

If you have a website that needs to be read in different languages, rather than going through the hassle of hiring a translator and having additional sites built, or additional pages added to your site, you can utilize a WordPress...
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5 Best Premium WordPress Themes

5 Best Premium WordPress Themes 2017

Whether you are creating a new WordPress site, or you are looking to give your current site a facelift, having the best premium WordPress themes is the way to go. There are many wonderful themes that could work well for...
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Best Medical WordPress Themes

10 Best Medical WordPress Themes 2017

Are you running a medical or dental clinic? Those who are in the field of healthcare need to have a quality website that is easy for their visitors to use and simple enough for the owners to create and update...
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Must Have WordPress Plugins

5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Every WP Website

Do you have a WordPress website or blog? Perhaps you are considering starting up a site using this system. If you are gearing up with WordPress, you are probably wondering which plugins are viable options to add. We’ve collected five...